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Is automatic trading of currency currency profitable? I want to know how to choose an automatic trading tool and what to be careful about when using it!

Crypto AI trading bots are automated computer programs that trade cryptocurrencies almost without human interference These bots automatically perform functions according to user preferences across single or multiple cryptocurrencies and diverse platforms.

With minimal human intervention, utilize advanced algorithms to implement automated trading strategies to increase profitability. Trade bots ensure that users may profit from any trade opportunity by monitoring the market 24/7. In the fast-paced world of crypto trading, these bots are vital resources since they provide traders with high-level prediction data without requiring manual analysis.

Many people may feel this way when trading cryptocurrencies. Therefore, this post will explain the advantages and disadvantages of using a crypto trading bot in Ireland, how to choose an automatic trading tool, and points to note.

What is automatic cryptocurrency trading?

Automatic trading of cryptocurrencies is a trading method that automatically trades 24 hours a day using a program created for cryptocurrency trading. Buying and selling are automatically repeated based on preset trading conditions. For example, automatic crypto trading will follow the price movements below.

  • When 1BTC = $60,000 – Buy 1 unit of bitcoin  
  • When 1BTC = $62,000 – Sell 1 unit of bitcoin

A complex combination of such conditions is called a strategy. You are free to create your own trading strategies or use preset strategies, and your trading bot will execute trades on your behalf using these predetermined strategies, which is how cryptocurrencies are traded automatically.

What is a trading bot? 

A software that automates particular procedures or operations is known as a bot. Automated trading tools for cryptocurrency typically incorporate automated trading strategies and AI and allow users to select from multiple bot strategies.

When performing automatic trading, you can start trading by selecting a trading bot that you think is good based on information such as investment performance and setting up a connection to your cryptocurrency exchange account. In recent years, tools equipped with AI or that can imitate the judgments of excellent traders have emerged and are attracting attention. You can change the bot settings later, so finding a bot that suits your investment style is possible.

How to automatically trade cryptocurrencies?

To automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it is expected to use online services that offer crypto trading bot services to ensure the bots are online 24/7 to analyze the markets and execute trades.

Registering an account with the service and setting up a fee payment method allows you to use automatic crypto trading tools that run on a stable and robust server. Automatic trading tools have built-in BOTs to execute strategies with trading rules.

Advantages of automated cryptocurrency trading

What are the benefits of automated crypto trading?  Let’s look at them one by one.

24-hour trading

A significant advantage of automatic trading is that it allows continuous trading over long periods. To obtain stable trading profits, it is essential to have the right timing to buy or sell. However, to do this, you must keep looking at the chart consistently. Automatic trading bots monitor the charts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to automatically buy and sell, so even busy people who don’t want to avoid spending time trading cryptocurrencies can get more opportunities. It’s difficult to monitor your chart constantly, and you need to sleep at some point as a human. Irish traders employed during the day may find this even more challenging.

However, if you use a bot, you can buy and sell automatically according to pre-set rules, even at work or sleeping, so you will not miss out on opportunities for price fluctuations. This greatly benefits those who have difficulty finding time to trade.

Not affected by emotions

Since automatic trading tools are computer programs and codes, they are not influenced by emotions when buying and selling. If you are involved in cryptocurrency trading, you have probably experienced the wrong timing of buying or selling due to emotions such as anticipation or impatience in response to unexpected chart movements.

A trading bot, on the other hand, automatically trades according to set conditions, eliminating emotional behaviour caused by FOMO.

Easy to start trading even if you have little knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

To aim for stable profits in cryptocurrency trading, acquiring knowledge such as how to read charts is essential. However, if you use an automatic trading bot, the bot will automatically trade, so you can start trading without such knowledge.

You can buy and sell according to the price movements of multiple exchanges and cryptocurrencies. It is difficult for humans to trade while checking the price movements of multiple exchanges and cryptocurrencies simultaneously, but it can be quickly done with a program.

Disadvantages of automated cryptocurrency trading

Remember that there are benefits and drawbacks to automated trading. Let’s examine a few of the most significant ones.

Unpredictable events.

Since automated trading tools are programs, there are risks that bots cannot predict, even when humans can predict price fluctuations. For example, suppose a problem with a particular cryptocurrency or news that leads to concerns about the price of the issuing company is reported. In that case, assuming that the bot cannot decide the right trade method based on that information is best.

Using automatic trading tools can be expensive.

It is common for a fee to be charged for using automated trading bots. In the case of online service types, there are those with a fixed monthly usage fee and those with a fee based on transaction volume.

In particular, you must be careful when using them to avoid unexpectedly high fees, especially those that charge fees based on transaction volume. Some people with programming knowledge create their automatic trading tools, and some use tools available for free, but it is not suitable for beginners. Please be aware that if you do not profit from automated trading, you may end up in the red due to the fees charged by the automated trading bots.

How to choose a crypto trading bot

When selecting a bot for trading crypto in Ireland, what should you look out for? Things to watch out for include the following:

Fees and costs.

As already explained, it is common for automated trading tools to be expensive. There are various cost methods, such as monthly fees and pay-per-use, and some that require high initial costs due to one-time purchases, but when operating with a small amount of money, these costs will significantly affect the actual yield. Sometimes, items with exceptionally high selling prices are sold using fraudulent methods. Be sure to check the validity by checking the cost and content and comparing it with other services.

Operating company.

You will be entrusting the management of your essential funds to automatic trading tools. Therefore, we recommend carefully checking the company’s credibility in operating the automated trading tool. Searching by company name or tool name to check reputation and word of mouth and researching the company’s location and support system will provide a specific basis for making decisions.

In addition, although foreign companies provide many automatic trading tools for cryptocurrency, some Irish companies registered with the Financial Services Agency offer cryptocurrency trading tools in parallel with automatic trading tools for investment. In some cases, they operate automated trading tools together. If you are a beginner, it is best to start by choosing a tool that is as safe as possible.

Compatibility with your exchange.

Each cryptocurrency trading tool supports a specific cryptocurrency exchange. It is a good idea to check in advance whether the compatible exchange matches your needs, such as whether the cryptocurrency exchange where you have opened an account and whether the cryptocurrency exchange has the lowest transaction fees possible. 

Best crypto trading bots in Ireland

1. Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is a platform that offers different automated strategies for trading cryptocurrencies. When you’ve registered and deposited money into your account, choose a crypto market and strategy. The platform offers many risk management tools, trading instruments and various signals.

Main features:

  • Risk management tools including stop loss, trailing stop loss and trailing take profit
  • Wide variety of signals to enter and stop the deal at the best time
  • Both futures and spot trading are available.
  • Additionally, you can execute long and short strategies at the same time.

Compared to its competitors in the market, Immediate Edge offers the best value for the money paid, allowing you to use an unlimited number of bots and test trading strategies. When choosing a platform for automated trading, this could be one of the friendliest in terms of the interface, but don’t forget that what might fit your friend, doesn’t necessarily fit you, so give it a try and then make your choice!

2. 3Commas

3Commas is an excellent AI crypto trading bot combining automated and manual trading features. Professionally built automated bots that make it easier to create portfolios that serve both novice and elite traders are available and constantly being updated.

3Commas expands its expertise to include futures trading bots and tools to help traders succeed regardless of prevailing market conditions. Overall efficiency and profitability are guaranteed by the platform’s bots, which are excellent at lowering average purchase price and increasing profit margins on each trade.

Main features: 

  • Allows traders to buy and sell coins within a unified interface.
  • Facilitates the creation of portfolios with any amount of coins.
  • This tool will enable users to configure and utilize API functionality.
  • Users can perform and monitor transactions via their smartphones and tablets.


HaasOnline is a top choice for leverage trading and institutional-level strategies. It is highly regarded among experienced stock and foreign exchange traders and is praised for its longevity and reliability. HaasOnline allows users to connect to exchanges via API keys, leverage leverage, and access spot crypto markets.

Traders may easily create, test, and improve complicated strategies using a proprietary programming language. With the unmatched control, HaasOnline offers traders over their trading strategies, traders can calmly and precisely navigate even the most difficult market situations.

Main features: 

  • One of the oldest trading bots in the industry, hence very reliable.
  • Excellent reputation within the community.
  • Suitable for individuals trading across multiple exchanges.

4. Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper has proven to be a dependable, easy-to-use, and trusted cryptocurrency trading bot capable of executing trades 24 hours daily as long as the market is open. The platform automates your trading activities, reducing stress and efficiently saving you time by minimizing screen time by automatically scanning buy and sell opportunities and technical analysis.

Traders can adjust the bot’s settings to suit their needs, including trading pairings, buy and sell signals, and stop loss levels. Through excellent techniques like technical analysis and integrating signals from multiple third-party sources, Cryptohopper gives traders a wide range of tools and insights to effectively navigate the cryptocurrency market.

Main features: 

  • The platform has an integrated AI-powered trading bot that ensures advanced trading features.
  • A unified terminal efficiently manages all your exchange accounts.
  • Has copy trading functionality and customizable trading templates for novice traders in Ireland to take advantage of.

5. Gunbot

For cryptocurrency investors looking for an automated trading solution with built-in algorithms and AI trading bots, Gunbot is a great platform. Preconfigured bots, notifications, and technical indicators ideal for automated trading methods and market analysis are provided by the seamless connectivity across more than 100 exchanges, including market leaders like Binance and Coinbase.

Main features: 

  • This platform offers excellent support services.
  • It may not suit novice traders, but experienced traders can take full advantage of its features.
  • Provides support for API connections.

6. Bitsgap

Bitgap has become a well-rounded cryptocurrency trading platform integrating exchange functions, portfolio management, and bot trading into one seamless interface. Users can control the market and make money all day by utilizing Bitsgap’s expert trading bot.

Bitsgap aims to democratize cryptocurrency trading by providing cutting-edge automation solutions that increase user earnings. This platform, which is accessible to everyone, streamlines trading and ensures efficiency and simplicity.

Highly efficient crypto bots that utilize grid strategies allow traders to maximize profits in sideways markets. Additionally, Bitsgap provides robust risk management tools such as DCA, trailing functionality, and stop loss to reduce risks effectively.

Main features: 

  • Efficiently execute limit, market, and scale orders.
  • Bitsgap works around the clock to help you maximize your profits.
  • The platform offers a variety of preconfigured trading bot strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does automated cryptocurrency trading work?

Automated cryptocurrency trading excels at identifying patterns and trends within the cryptocurrency market. Unlike traditional trading methods, users can trust their AI-driven strategy to operate continuously, ensuring 24-hour monitoring and eliminating concerns about missing out on significant opportunities.

Are Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Profitable?

Some are quite profitable. However, you should be careful of the ones that promise huge returns quickly. These are advertisements that are not always guaranteed.

Does bot trading really work?

Yes, trading bots really work. You just have to research well about the one you intend to use as this will allow you to choose the best ones. But you have to at least have a basic understanding of trading and know how to recognize bots that are not reliable.

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